Mother's Day 'MUM' Biscuit

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Mother's Day 'MUM' Biscuit
Mother's Day 'MUM' Biscuit
Mother's Day 'MUM' Biscuit
Mother's Day 'MUM' Biscuit
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Creamy butter biscuit, layered with creamy butter icing spelling 'MUM'. 

The perfect sweet treat to add alongside our Brunch or Traditional Graze Box.

How to request your Graze

Please complete a ‘Request Graze’ form in order to place your Graze Box order.

You can add more than one option at a time to your enquiry by using the ‘add to my list’ function. So if you would like to choose more then one Graze option at a time, just add to your list and then submit your enquiry. 

Delivery & Collection

Orders close Tuesday 9th of March.

We will be hand delivering areas local to us on Saturday 13th of March.

All other areas can receive their Graze via courier delivery on Friday 12th / Saturday 13th of March. Please send a 'request graze' form and we will confirm which delivery service we can book you in for. 


As our Graze Boxes are bespoke, prices may vary.
Please use the above price list as a guide. 

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