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Graze Brunch

Graze Life

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Graze Brunch
Graze Brunch
Graze Brunch
Graze Brunch
Graze Brunch
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Graze Brunch prices start at just £12.50pp.
(Graze images based on a graze for 30 people)


What is in the Graze Brunch?

This is our personal fave…
A selection of fresh pastries including croissants and pan au chocolate. Along with yummy sugar waffles, smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels, greek yogurt, granola, musli, a colourful selection of fresh fruits and dried fruits, honey and jam.

Add on...

• Honeycomb for that extra special touch - £16 per piece

• An exotic fruit bowl - £71

• Apple Juice and Orange Juice - £8 for 2

• Bamboo plates, cutlery and napkins - £3pp

• Bamboo tongs - £5 for set of 5

We get our deliveries fresh each week so all items are subject to availability and depending on the season. 

As our Graze Tables are bespoke, prices may vary.
Please use the above price list as a guide. 

Tables are subject to a travel and set up fee. 

 Please see our 'how do we work' for details on set up and payment. 

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