Dine in with us at our brand new restaurant The Lounge by Graze Life. Private hire also available. Click here for more info!

Catering For Food Lovers

Here at Graze Life we are big food lovers! We love to socialise, spend time with family and friends, but more than anything, we love to eat! 

Our story began in 2019 catering events. Fast forward 2 and a half years, and we now have our very own restaurant for you to dine in with us, as well as catering all of your amazing events and special occasions.

Whether you are planning a large event, a smaller more intimate gathering, a corporate event, a special family soirée, or want to send a gift to someone just because... Our Graze Tables, Platters and Boxes will enhance the occasion even further.

To see which package is best for your occasion, or to dine in with us at The Lounge, browse through our catalogue of stunning Grazing options.

A behind the scenes look at one of our graze set ups.

The Lounge by Graze Life

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Wanting to send my family an unexpected surprise during lockdown, I found Michelle at GrazeLife with her wonderful Graze boxes - and what a treat it was!
A grazing box was delivered to their door at short notice,  FULL of amazing things, not only was it delicious food but it was presented beautifully - a real treat for everyone.”
- Dame Judi Dench.

"Gorgeous platters, with wonderful customer service.

We have worked with Michelle on a couple of projects since the end of 2020. From the quick turnaround times, to the extra details that really bring the offering to life, I think it is fair to say Graze Life is a perfect food gifting solution for any virtual or in-person events.

We look forward to working with Michelle and the team again throughout 2021!."
- Cogs & Marvel

Health & Hygiene at Graze Life